Why putting the attack on the Capitol behind us will only put it ahead of us.

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In studying human rights law and conflict resolution, you would not be quick to come across a well defined and unchanging definition of “justice” in the literature. Instead, a recovering government looks to a series of goals to achieve. The four primary goals include: (1) taking steps to establish the truth of what happened following a conflict, (2) taking steps to reform internal state systems to ensure that the conflict cannot rear its head again, (3) providing victims with reparations for harms suffered, and (4) punishing perpetrators for their abuses. …

Equality does not always mean equity

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Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed a bill last month that will require biological fathers to pay 50% of out-of-pocket pregnancy related costs, including health insurance premiums. The bill will take effect on May 5th and be the first of its kind in the United States.

Proponents of the bill boast that it will lessen the financial burden ordinarily placed on pregnant women as well as encourage men to play a more active role in their children’s lives, both emotionally, but more importantly under the bill, financially. …

So far, a new job and a new DOJ sex trafficking investigation

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Florida Representative Matt Gaetz generated two stories from major news networks on Tuesday, March 30. Early in the day it was reported that the conservative darling was considering giving up his congressional seat and taking a media job at Newsmax, a right leaning “news” organization which some ex-Fox News viewers have adopted after Fox called Arizona for Biden before any other major network in the November 2020 election. While Gaetz did not comment on the possible career change, another story came out by The New York Times which Gaetz could not ignore. …

It all feels so frustratingly obvious to have a jury watch a video and tell you what they see, what we all see

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The trial of Derek Chauvin has begun and the Minneapolis courtroom is being brought to homes across the country, as it is the first in the court’s history to be streamed. Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter for the killing of George Floyd, a killing that sparked a national movement reckoning with race relations in the United States.

For a killing that has occurred almost a year ago, Mr. Floyd’s death still feels fresh. So much of the evidence has already been viewed and discussed at length and we have…

Breaking down the legal arguments around vaccine passports

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This week the Biden administration has indicated their intentions to roll-out “vaccine passports.” The vaccine passports would be mobile (or if preferred, hard copy) certifications that an individual has been vaccinated. The “passport,” or more appropriately-called certification or credentials, could then be required for entry to private businesses. For example, one might need to show their vaccine passport in order to enter a football stadium, airplane, or perhaps even a bar, similar to having to show other forms of identification at these establishments.

The administration is working with private companies to develop technology to standardize the administration and distribution of…

A new independent report finds that the Chinese government is violating every provision of the UN Genocide Convention.

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Accusations of genocide by the Chinese Communist Party have been brewing for years as leaked stories of internment camps, forced assimilation, forced sterilization, and inhumane treatment towards the Uyghur population in Xinjiang, China continue to surface. Despite the CCP’s repeated denial of any inhumane treatment toward the Uyghurs, independent think tanks have taken up their own investigations in the absence of state intervention.

This week, the Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy issued their report addressing whether the alleged acts of the CCP constitute a genocide. …

As Democratic Gov. Cuomo and Republican Rep. Cawthorn face sexual assault allegations, the parties grapple with how to manage misconduct charges

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Within the past month, several women have come forward alleging assault and inappropriate conduct directed towards them by Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn (N.C.) and by Democratic Governor Andrew M. Cuomo (N.Y). One described as the “darling of CPAC” and the other a “fixture in Democratic politics,” the parties have had to grapple with how they approach these allegations, performing a balancing act of saving face for some its shiniest stars and taking the complaints of women seriously.

Madison Cawthorn and the GOP

Rep. Cawthorn is the youngest member of Congress and has already faced scrutiny for building his political career off of multiple falsehoods. Cawthorn…

Meghan and Harry sat down on Oprah to detail their experiences with The Crown. For two seemingly powerful, royal, figures, their story shockingly reads like one of a survivor of oppression.

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Earlier this year, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry told the world that they would be renouncing their titles and permanently stepping back as members of the royal family. While never before laying out the reasons why they left the family, Meghan and Harry conducted an interview with Oprah, which aired in the U.S. last night detailing their experience with the UK media, “the Firm,” and the British Royal Family.

The Firm has been described as the set of people, royals and powerful associates included, that work to protect the Crown’s reputation and image, in an effort to preserve their status…

AOC compared the wages of McDonald’s workers in Denmark to those in America, triggering responses to (seemingly) critique her take

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As a law student, I subjected myself to a class called “Jurisprudence” because it was taught by my favorite professor and for no other reason. The class introduced me to fallacious reasoning and has essentially ruined most, if not all, debates for me and has turned me into the worst person at a very boring dinner party.

A fallacious argument is one that undermines the logic of your argument. In layman's terms, fallacious reasoning addresses, but does not actually address, the point.

Common examples of fallacious reasoning go like this:

“It has rained every Tuesday this month. Today is Tuesday…

Side parts and skinny jeans are the hills Gen Z will die on

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Disclaimer: I am an on the cusp Millennial-GenZer who regularly switches between a side and middle part while still owning skinny jeans and mom jeans alike.

If you were born between 1981 and 1996, Gen Z would like to share some news with you — ditch your side parts and skinny jeans. The latest generation that gets to define “cool” has taken to Tiktok to make it clear that parting your hair to the side, rather than in the middle, is out and mom jeans are in.

What has set off a generational war now is reap with adolescent, girl-to-girl…

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